How to begin the YU-GI-OH duel link game

There are mainly two characters in this game and they are YamiYugi and Seto Kaiba at the starting you need to select your own character. They have their own power and both are very different from each other. The Yu Gi Oh Duel Links gaming platform will help you while playing this game and also selection of the deck is too important and you need to select a deck which has an appropriate card to play. Your character can help you to complete up to 15th level and you can also use many skills to win your opponent.

You need to select a deck and your character to boost your play and while playing you will get some different monsters and you can use it when you are against your opponent. By crossing each level your monster can get unlock and also they have their own power.

There are many useful cards that can provide you some additional powers. If you get a card form the decks then you need to place a card from your hand. You can get more power from the new card too.

Main concept:

A main concept of the Yu Gi Oh Duel Links game is to battle through cards and it different from normal card playing. Use the power properly and select a deck very carefully. By using duel links cheats in a proper manner you can win in this game.

How to play this game:

It’s a duel game, because in a single game there are two players are fighting and each player’s main task to reduce all the points of their opponents and to win the game. First of all you have to build your own deck and to start duel and then to move your cards in your right position. In this game has continuously used the phases. Duel is splited into six types and they are

  • Draw phase
  • Standby phase
  • Main phase 1
  • Battle phase
  • Main phase 2
  • End phase

Then the draw phase is the first phase and you can select the standby phase nothing is happened but you have to follow the instructions from the card and then play. They are also give the instruction to you, how to play and then the main phase 1 is also used to set a monster for your battle. When you started to combat your opponents to use the monster cards and this battle cards are divided into many types. If you are conducted your battle phase and then your turns are moved into main phase 1 to main phase 2. If you have more than 6 cards in your last turn then the end phase is discarding your cards.

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