How TO Be The Winner Of Clash Royale?

Clash Royale is a Smartphone game which came in trend last year due to its tactic making an option. You can play this game on any Smartphone which can support Android 4.0 or IOS 7.0 or later version. These are the most common device on which Clash Royale is played. Most of the device supports it but if you find this game is not working in your mobile then update your Android operating system or IOS version. Here in this game, you have to do many things like collecting gems and coins for the purpose of buying cards and upgrading the speed of elixir.

What’s More, If You Can’t Win With Tactics?

If you are playing this game from many time but still you are not getting any way to win then you need to check that if you are using right strategy or not. Watch the recap of your battle and this will help you to know more about it. A battle is nothing more than playing right cards at the right time. Try to purchase epic cards which can help you confusing enemy. Try common and epic card for the combo attack. This way enemy will be confused and you can win by destroying the enemy tower.

Which Tower To Attack In Clash Royale

As you know there are three towers, the main one is of King which is most secure and destroying it so hard. You can focus on the crown tower which takes very few moments and destroying is easy. You can get powerful cards by using clash royale hack apk. This is a tool which can provide you unlimited currencies. You will also get gems; these gems are enough for purchasing cards. Epic and rare cards help a lot so buy only important cards.

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