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HTC Incredible is the Best Smartphone

The HTC Incredible for Verizon Wireless is the best smartphone I’ve used. I love this phone. It is the fourth phone with the Android operating system I have used.
The Incredible is sleek with only one tangible button on the face. The Micro-USB port near the bottom of the phone connects the phone with computers and its charger. The 3.5mm jack on top of the phone puts your ears in touch with your music – stored on the phone, transmitted from a local radio station (FM receiver on board) or streamed on Verizon’s 3G network. This phone also communicates wirelessly with bluetooth devices, wi-fi routers and gps satellites, if you let it.

The Android App Market enables owners to tailor the Incredible. The speedy snapdragon processor satisfies even the most impatient person when opening apps and bouncing between. Apps such as Gmail, SMS Popup, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube make this phone a communication and media hub. The phone’s voice recognition enables safe operation during distracting situations – like getting directions from Google Maps Navigation or sending a “note to self”. It’s a toss up for my favorite app for this phone. The flashlight has helped me out more times than I can count, but the SlideIT keyboard (the only app I have purchased) eliminates the need for a push button keyboard entirely.

On the negative, by the middle of each afternoon, I need to charge the Incredible. I am not fond of the music management and interaction with this phone. I also consider it a design flaw that, without a case, the phone will not sit flat – it wobbles. If I had to guess, I’d say the phone was designed with use of a case in mind. Since I am a person who drops his phone a lot, a case is essential for me – so no big deal.

At one time, I was using both the Incredible and the T-Mobile MyTouch. Through my side-by-side comparison, the Incredible was clearly a faster phone with a better camera. The Incredible also has greater on board memory than the MyTouch. As both phones are Android phones, switching between them was easy. At least where I live, there is no noticeable difference between the 3G networks of Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile.

Without a doubt this is the best smartphone I have ever owned or used.

Plants Vs. Zombies Puzzle Game Review

Once in a while we come upon a great game which captures the hearts and curiosity of a lot of gamers; fans and non-fans of the genre alike. The creativity, simplicity, fun-factor, and pretty much everything else about a great game are just spectacular. Plants vs Zombies is among those great titles. It is developed by Popcap Games which is very very popular amongst computer puzzle games.
Plants vs Zombies is a puzzle game involving plants battling it out against zombies. The main objective of the game is to deploy different plants to defend the house and lawn against zombies. Different types of zombies with different abilities and strengths will try to eat their way through to get to the house and eat the brains of the man in the house.

What you do is you place different plans on the lawn (playing field) and you must be able to place them effectively to prevent the zombies from passing through. Some plants give protection, some plants have special abilities on the field like block zombies momentarily, some plants provide energy to be able to create more plants, some plants even blow up and destroy zombies surrounding it, and there are other plants to choose from. If the zombies reach the house, you lose the level and you’d have to start over again. One of the main challenges here is that you can not use all plants in a level. You have to choose wisely which plants to use.

Aside from the main game, one of the good things about this game is that it has lots of other mini-games. Yes, you can even play as the zombies where your goal is to deploy zombies in a field with pre-deployed plans. You have to plan which type of zombie to use to be able to reach the brains. Some other mini-games are bowling, survival mode, slot machines, etc.

There are some more features in the game that could really interest you. There is a shop where you can buy useful items to gain advantage while playing. You also have the Zen garden where you can plan exotic plants and take care of them (water them or give them fertilizers) and then when they grow up you can sell them for in-game cash. There’s an almanac where you can see descriptions of the different types of plants and zombies you have encountered.

Those are just among the things you can expect from Plants vs Zombies. As for the technical aspect, the very good thing is that you don’t need a powerful computer to play the game. In fact, the official system requirements are 1.2 GHz processor, 512MB of memory, DirectX 8 compatible video card, Windows 2000/xp/vista, and an internet connection. That’s all. It’s not in 3D but just like the screenshot I provided, it’s very colorful and smooth. It may look like a cutie game for kids but trust me, this game is pure fun. The sound effects are simple but still good and the music is very enjoyable. You’ll also be treated to a cool music video later on in the game.

This is a great game for kids, adults, and pretty much for everyone else. It’s a good concept and is pure fun but could really get challenging especially on the later levels and mini-games. And the game is very much re-playable. You can play again and again and you’ll probably enjoy it all throughout once more. Also, it’s not that expensive. It just costs $5. So go ahead and try this game. Who knows? You might love it as much as I do. Have fun!


Plants vs Zombies Official Site

Entertainment Software Rating Board (for the rating)

Game Review – Adventures of Yogi Bear (SNES)

Adventures of Yogi Bear is a game developed by Empire Interactive for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Having been released by the company Cybersoft in 1994, it received fairly mixed reviews, and did not experience a lot of sales upon launch.
Adventures of Yogi Bear contains a plot which is pretty basic and has the ingenuity of a five-year-old. However, this doesn’t have much of an impact on the gameplay of the game, so we won’t sweat it. At any rate, the basic idea is that someone is building a plant that will be putting a ton of pollution into Yellowstone every year, and it’s Yogi’s goal to protect his homeland all the while eating people’s picnic food.

Adventures of Yogi Bear’s graphics are intended to have a classic feel and look; while they are on a low-bit system, they are meant to appear smooth and pastel-ish, similarly to that of the cartoons of the time period. Its basic platformer genre combined with its art style make it delightful to look at.

The audio in Adventures of Yogi Bear is actually quite good, and takes after that on the cartoon. The sound tracks in the introduction and conclusion of the show are replayed in the game, which is surprising given the capabilities of the SNES cartridges at the time of this game’s release. I enjoy the sound tracks from the show, so your mileage may vary when it comes to that; however, the sound effects are pleasant as well; they’re appropriate and never overplayed or annoying. Additionally, this game does not pull audio from the public domain, which is nice for a change. “Heeeey booboo!”

Adventures of Yogi Bear is actually a difficult game, which was surprising to me. The overall learning curve for the title was that of other games in the genre, which is pretty basic; it’s just a platformer. It also has elements of a side-scrolling RPG, due to the collecting nature of many of the levels, as well as its slow pace in some areas. Controls are simple, consisting of the standard up-down-left-right-jump scheme.

Overall, Adventures of Yogi Bear is a good game, but I don’t care for the theme. Despite having a background with this cartoon, and liking the music and basic theme from it, the game doesn’t pull it off as well as I’d like, especially with the generic factory pollution story. Adventures of Yogi Bear gets a stolen two and a half picnic baskets out of five.

How to begin the YU-GI-OH duel link game

There are mainly two characters in this game and they are YamiYugi and Seto Kaiba at the starting you need to select your own character. They have their own power and both are very different from each other. The Yu Gi Oh Duel Links gaming platform will help you while playing this game and also selection of the deck is too important and you need to select a deck which has an appropriate card to play. Your character can help you to complete up to 15th level and you can also use many skills to win your opponent.

You need to select a deck and your character to boost your play and while playing you will get some different monsters and you can use it when you are against your opponent. By crossing each level your monster can get unlock and also they have their own power.

There are many useful cards that can provide you some additional powers. If you get a card form the decks then you need to place a card from your hand. You can get more power from the new card too.

Main concept:

A main concept of the Yu Gi Oh Duel Links game is to battle through cards and it different from normal card playing. Use the power properly and select a deck very carefully. By using duel links cheats in a proper manner you can win in this game.

How to play this game:

It’s a duel game, because in a single game there are two players are fighting and each player’s main task to reduce all the points of their opponents and to win the game. First of all you have to build your own deck and to start duel and then to move your cards in your right position. In this game has continuously used the phases. Duel is splited into six types and they are

  • Draw phase
  • Standby phase
  • Main phase 1
  • Battle phase
  • Main phase 2
  • End phase

Then the draw phase is the first phase and you can select the standby phase nothing is happened but you have to follow the instructions from the card and then play. They are also give the instruction to you, how to play and then the main phase 1 is also used to set a monster for your battle. When you started to combat your opponents to use the monster cards and this battle cards are divided into many types. If you are conducted your battle phase and then your turns are moved into main phase 1 to main phase 2. If you have more than 6 cards in your last turn then the end phase is discarding your cards.

Clash Royale’s Popularity in 2017

Clash Royale is one of the most leading and new type of great mobile video game which is played by several numbers of players all over the world. As it is the massively multiplayer online game, most of the gamers from the different parts of the world will get a chance to simultaneously play this game and fight with the opponent team in the battle field. This popular range of free to play strategy game is usually made by the world’s leading Finnish based mobile game developer named Supercell.

The main reason why this clash royale game has become very popular throughout the world is that this new game includes the old but well known interesting characters from the legendary game called clash of clans from the same developer. The major difference between these two games is that this clash royale is the card game in which the players should need to collect more numbers of unique cards along with the significant resources for your successful game play.

Interesting facts about Clash Royale game:

When the players are willing to play this clash royale game from your Android or iOS mobile platforms, you can surely experience many interesting factors including,

  • In this clash royale game, the players can definitely rule the popular characters of CoC game in order to complete the campaign. Winning opportunities in this game will provide you the greatest benefit as more amounts of gems and gold coins.
  • There is in-game shop available in this game play and also deck to get your desired amounts of gems, gold and elixir resources. At the same time, all the players can also able to get such significant resources for completely free of cost through the clash royale hack tool online.
  • The players of this massively multiplayer online game will get a chance to buy such gems and gold resources for money but it is always better to hack clash royale in order to get unlimited numbers of resources for free without spending real money.
  • There are some limitations and difficulties in earning the cards and these types of important resources for your clash royale gaming account. This is why everyone is highly recommended to use the hacking tool which helps you to get your desired resources of gems, gold coins and also elixir.
  • Use of the hack tool in this clash royale game play will surely help overcoming all the related problems without spending your real money because it is completely free to use on your mobile devices.
  • When you are a greater fan of this massively multiplayer online video game, first of all you should need to search for the best and reliable hacking platform and generate your important resources.
  • While selecting a particular hack tool for your successful clash royale game play, first of all it is highly necessary to find the trustworthy resource generator which is compatible for all types of devices like Android and iOS platforms. Similarly, it has to be optimized for all mobile devices like smart phones, tablets, iphones and also ipads.

Using clash royale hack tool:

The players of the clash royale game will not have any restrictions or limitations to give the proper requests for your necessary resources from the hacking tool. You just no longer to make use of the real money to generate your desired amounts of gems, gold and elixir resources because they are completely free of cost. Once you have found the best clash royale hack generator online, you just need to give the exact username of your gaming account in the first field. In the next successive fields, you should need to give the details on how many amounts of gems, gold coins and elixir resources you need for your game play. After the gamers of this CR game have given the username, it will then be added to the database of the hacking platform and you will get any amounts of gold coins, elixir and gems as you need at any time.

All the successful players of the clash royale game today are only the frequent users of the hacking platform which is reliable and also reputable to use. Along with the reliability and also reputability of the hacking tool, you must also consider the crucial safety precautions for your successful hacking and complete game play. While picking a particular hack tool for generating your preferable amounts of clash royale resources, you should have to consider whether it contains the best and advanced anti-ban system. The anti-ban system is nothing but the safety property which is really very helpful to totally hide your hacking process from the developer of this game. By this way, the resources like gems, gold coins and elixir are naturally added to the clash royale gamers’ account for the thriving game play.

Using hack tool of Boom Beach mobile game online

Boom Beach is nothing but the famous freemium online real time strategy massively multiplayer game for both Android and Apple iOS platforms. Supercell is the developer and publisher of this excellent game which was first launched in Canada on November 11, 2013. Later one March 26, 2014, the same game was released all over the world for all versions of iOS and Android mobile platforms.

Boom Beach game play:

When considering the game play of this boom beach game, it is basically the strategy game which combines several attacks on opponent players with also the attacks against the bases generated by the computer. The actual storyline of this game is situating in the tropical archipealago with the gamer on the Island with the troops and defenses. It is just like the clash of clans game from the same game developer Supercell.


Each and every player is allowed to build your own base, unlock the troop upgrades and upgrade your buildings and defenses. You can find the single player campaign play and also the best ability to attack some other players in the multiplayer mode. Both single player and multiplayer mode of the game play are allowed in this boom beach game play. In order to easily earn extensive amounts of gaming resources, it is always better using the boom beach hack tool on the web.

Use of boom beach hack online:

  • Gold, diamonds, stone, iron and wood are the most important gaming resources of boom beach game.
  • In order to easily win such resources to your boom beach gaming account, everybody is recommended using the best and reliable hacking tool on the web.
  • Through simple hacking process, one can able to earn all these resources for the different actions of your game play.
  • The features of such hack tools are really great to build your strong troops and start attacks against your enemies.
  • Some of the earned resources are really very helpful for upgrading your buildings and other resources like gems to make sure your winning of the game.
  • While choosing a particular boom beach hack tool for your game play, first everyone should be very careful in checking the license and legitimacy of the platform, we recommend this one Boom Beach Hack – Add Free Diamonds
  • It is always better picking the best, legit and also the reliable choice of hacking tool with the proper authentication and license for your safe boom beach game play.

What are the Features of the Hay Day Hack?


We all know that the mobile video games are becoming more common in all over the globe. Every people would like to play the mobile video games in their leisure time. So, they are searching for the best mobile video game to play in their free time. There is a wide range of mobile video games are out there in the world. People of all ages are playing several video games which include clash of clans, clash Royale, Farmville, and so on.

The hay day is a wonderful mobile game which is similar to the Farmville. Almost all mobile video games have an unlimited number of resources but the players cannot able to access the unlimited number of resources due to various reasons. Hence, the hay day hack generator has been widely introduced to generate an unlimited number of resources.

Hay day mobile game:

Playing mobile video games is such an exciting task. If the person loves Farmville, definitely, they will love to play the hay day mobile game. This is because the hay day mobile game is based on farming. The genre of this mobile video game is asimulation game. This multiplayer video game is nice to play with our family and friends.

Hay day hack tool:

Hay day hack is not easy to use but it is absolutely free to use. Moreover, the hack generator is free from all kinds of malware and viruses. Lots of players are using this hay day hack generator for generating anunlimited number of coins, diamonds, gold, and so on. Getting infinite number of resources is important to move to the next level of the game. For this reason, lots of players would like to use the hay day hack generator.

Hay day hack is available in two forms:

The hay day hack generatoris available in two forms which mean we can easily download this hack tool to our mobile devices which include android and iOS. If you’re unable to download the hay day hack tool, you can use it through online. Here are some steps which help you to know how to use the hay day hack online.

  • Just go to the online site that offers the hay day hack generator
  • Enter your hay day username or just enter the email.
  • Enter a number of resources you want to add your account.
  • Click the generate button.
  • After few minutes, you’ll get anunlimited number of resources to your hay day account.

Features of using the hack tool:

The hay day hack generator offers several features to the players who are using the hay day hack tool for getting unlimited resources to their account. Here is a list of features of the hay day hack generator,

  • It is 100% safe to use this tool.
  • No one cannot able to detect that you’re using the hack tool.
  • It is absolutely free to use.
  • This hack tool works great.
  • It is a tested tool.
  • This hack tool will be updated on a daily basis.
  • This is the one and the only hack tool which works perfectly on all mobile devices.
  • It helps to generate anunlimited number of resources which include unlimited coins and diamonds, so on.

Hope you’ve understood the best features of the hay day hack generator in a detailed manner.

How to use the hay day hack tool?

Using the hay day hack tool is quite simple. In order to use the hay day hack tool, you need to download the hack tool. This hack tool is available for both android and iOS devices. Follow the below-mentioned steps to access the hay day hack tool.

  • Download the hay day hack tool
  • Connect your device to the desktop by using the USB cable.
  • After opening the hack tool, select the number of resources you want to add your account.
  • Start playing your hay day mobile game with theunlimited number of coins and diamonds.


We all know that the hay day is a special mobile video game and also it is a next generation mobile game. This awesome mobile game can be played on both smartphones and tablets. This most popular mobile video game can be easily played on both the android and iOS devices.

Enjoy the exciting game play of clash of clans using hack tool


Are you interested in playing the online games and often looking for the interesting game to enjoy? Then, here is the best solution for you. Yes, the clash of clans game is available on the internet for the players who are looking for getting the wonderful game play. Actually, this is the strategy based game and also offered with the excellent characters. Furthermore, the excellent graphics and animation of this game is really interesting and add the curiosity to enjoy it.  This game is available for the mobile phones and therefore, you can enjoy this game through your iPhone and the android phones. You can get this game through the internet for free of cost and therefore, you can easily download and install it on your device. As the same manner, the clash of clans hack is also offered for free and you can also use it for increasing your gaming performance.

Characters those are available in the game

When you have decided to enjoy the clash of the clans game on your mobile device, you need to download and install the gaming software initially. Then, you can run and play the game for getting the enjoyable game play. Of course, this game is loaded with the different kinds of the characters and all of them are highly interesting to play. In that manner, some of the characters in the game are listed as follows.

  • Barbarians
  • Archers
  • Giants
  • Goblins
  • Wall breakers
  • Balloons
  • Wizards
  • Healers

All of these characters are providing the unique support in the enjoying the game play. However, you can unlock these kinds of the characters when you use the hack tool for enjoying the game.


Hack tool for enjoying the clash of clans

If you have searched over the internet, you can see the different kinds of the sites that are offering you the hack tool for playing the clash of clans game. This clash of clans hack can give you a large number of features for increasing your gaming experience.

With the help of the hack tool, you can avail a wide range of the resources like diamonds, gems and the elixirs.  It is also possible to add more number of warriors in your team for attacking your opponent team.

However, if you have decided to use such hack for your game play, you need to be aware of the two types. As the way, the first method to get the resources is through the online hack. When you have used the online hack, you only need to provide your game user name on the tool and mention the amount of the resources that you need to buy. After you have done it, the resources will be delivered to your account instantly.

The second method to get the hack tool is through the download. For this purpose, you just need to download the hack tool on your device and get the hack tool easily through online.

4 Reasons for using the Clash Royale Hack Tool


I would like to play the clash royale mobile game with unlimited gems because I am a big fan of the clash royale game which was developed by the Supercell. Are you a lover of the clash royale game? Do you like to play the game with more gems?  Are you looking for the alternative way of generating gems? Do you like to use an online hack tool for generating gems? If yes, then it is best to use the clash royale hack tool.

Clash royale hack tool is one of the most popular tools which are most commonly used by a countless number of people for generating more number of gems in an effective way. I’ve been used the clash royale hack tool for generating gems. This is really a great alternative for buying gems by spending our real money. So, you must try this effective way to get an infinite number of gems.

What is called clash royale hack?

Clash royale hack is an excellent online gems generator. It can be used online and it is available for both android and iOS users. Most people would love to use the clash royale hack tool for getting an unlimited number of gems and coins.

How to use the clash royale hack tool for generating gems?

It is really easy to generate the gems in the clash royale hack tool. Just follow the below mentioned steps to get the job done.

  • Enter into the generator page.
  • Simply enter your clash royale username
  • Input the number of gems and coins you want to add your account.

If you follow these simple steps in an effective way, it will generate unlimited gems and coins for you.

What are the reasons for using the clash royale hack tool?

There are countless numbers of reasons are there for using the clash royale hack tool. Here is a list of reasons that describes the popularity of the clash royale hack .

  1. One can get an unlimited number of gems and coins.
  2. With this tool, you can generate unlimited gems and coins in a short time.
  3. It is compatible with both the android and iOS devices.
  4. It is 100% safe and also very effective to use.

We believe that the above-mentioned reasons make people use the clash royale tool for generating an unlimited number of gems and coins.

Using dragon city hack tool for earning unlimited resources

Social media networks are now well known not only for the instant communication and commercial purposes but also for the entertainment. A lot of worldwide internet users have an account on facebook to have communication with several friends from various parts of the world. The regular facebook users would not miss a chance of playing the dragon city video game and enjoy its thrilling game play experience. Now days, the dragon city video game is also available in the downloadable format for your Android and iOS devices. In order to earn more gaming resources, a lot of dragon city game players now start using the dragon city hack .


Important things of dragon city game:

When it comes to the dragon city games on facebook, android or ios devices, there are several important things available such as,

  • 99 levels
  • 581 dragons
  • Experience points (Xp)
  • 12 normal or current world elements
  • 6 ancient world elements
  • 3 stages
  • Offences
  • Defences
  • Attacks and etc.

These are all the most important factors which should be considered by the dragon city players for your successful game play. In all the 99 levels of the game play, each and every player will have different challenges and you need to attack the dragons of opponent players in order to win the game. The players need to give four amounts of foods for your dragons for leveling up to the higher positions. The 12 normal or current world elements in the dragon city game will make more interesting while playing the game. When it comes to the six ancient world elements, they include magic, beauty, happy, dream, chaos and soul. In this game play, the dragons of the players could be elementals, tribrids, hybrids and also tetra elementals according to the needs of the gamers.

Use of dragon city hack tool:

According to the types of dragons used by the players, the elements of the dragon city will be primary, secondary, quaternary or tertiary for the excellent game play. The attacks of the dragons against the opponent players will be based on the available elements. But all these challenges included in this dragon city game could be easily destroyed by using the dragon city hack tool online.

A very big problem faced by the dragon city social media game players will be that earning unlimited numbers of gems, foods and gold for the successful game play. But you don’t need to struggle for earning such resources because the online hack code or tool will make it simple for the dragon city players. You just need to enter how many amounts of resource you require and click on the generate button. The generated foods will be helpful to feed your dragons to level up in game play. Other resources are very useful to destroy dragons of other dragon city players and give you a chance for easily winning the game with more experience points.