Cafe World Hints & Tips

Ok, so most of you on facebook, keep seeing these game notifications showing up on your news feeds. It can be for any number of games, but the most popular on my feeds are Cafe World, Farmville, and Island Paradise, not necessarily in that order.
For those of you that follow my articles here, you will have noticed I have done a couple on FarmVille. Lately, I am even more intrigued with Cafe World, by the same developers as FarmVille – Zynga.

If you are as addicted to Cafe World as I am, you might have been wondering how to get farther in the game, by using expert techniques, and tips. There are no cheats, don’t bother to look for them. If you are caught cheating by Zynga or facebook, you risk losing your account.

Whether you’re new to Cafe World, or you’ve been playing it a while, you can use these tips to help you advance more quickly in the game:

1.) Add as many cafe world playing friends as possible. You can join many different groups on facebook and simply post to a discussion with the words add me, and you will get friends this way. A lot of these friends play the other fun facebook games that you might be into.

2.) Filter your news feeds. Instead of going back through possibly hundreds of news feed updates, go to the left side of your screen, and click on the word more, a few columns down from the highlighted news feed. Once you click on the word more, you should see cafe world in amongst the different categories. Click on cafe world. This will show only cafe world posts in your news feed, until you close the page, once you do, you will once again see all news feed updates, so this isn’t going to mess anything up. Once you see only cafe world, you can click on all the different dishes your friends have up for sampling, and get all the points up for offer. (Click here to see a slideshow of how to do this).

3.) Give your cafe world friends gifts as much as possible. They will in turn give you gifts back.

4.) Make sure you post all your achievements and dishes to your news feed, so your friends can get rewarded for it as well. This helps them to advance, which of course helps you as well.

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